Mobile App Development Trends for 2019


The new year will hardly change our daily lives, but it will definitely open new perspectives and opportunities for growing your business ideas. As business owners and enthusiasts, we all strive to provide the best services and meet clients’ needs whenever it is possible. For that, we need to watch out for new trends.

Mobile app development trends for 2019 will be an organic sequel of what things looked like in 2017-2018. But constant evolution is inevitable, and the trends provided by this evolution build up unlimited opportunities for the improvement of your business.

We decided to highlight the top mobile app trends for 2019 to help you strengthen your leading positions and join the list of front-runners in the coming year.

Top 10 Mobile App Trends You Should Use for Your Business in 2019

Mobile app design development is ceaselessly changing. You can never be sure you are following the latest trends. And even if you are sure that all the cutting-edge practices have been implemented, you have no guarantee that your methods will be still effective on the date of the release. You need to watch out.

The first step to following mobile app industry trends is to be prepared beforehand. If you know what the next year will bring you, you can react properly and get the actual value as soon as possible.

In a fast-changing industry, it is vital to be the pioneer of innovations. So let’s find out what is coming in 2019:

1. Breaking out Beyond the Screen

Augmented and virtual reality tools have won the attention of millions of users worldwide. They have changed the mobile gaming industry and extended the list of usual mobile game features. Do you remember the huge hype around the Pokemon Go game? And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The success of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger is a better example here. Since they implemented the AR technology, the mobile apps’ popularity has multiplied.

AR and VR technologies can significantly increase user engagement. This is one of the best ways to make customers interact with the app. Thus, these hyped technologies make up one of the trends for 2019.

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2. Chatbots as the Most Reliable Employees

Chatbots have brought great value to businesses recently. There are 2 key reasons for that:

More Personalized Customer Experience

The intelligent software solutions help to provide a better, faster, and more personalized experience to both former and potential customers. They help to address the issues in a matter of minutes.

mobile trend of customer experience

Supported by Specialists’ Opinions

Surveys show that customer service specialists have been more satisfied with their job since chatbots started dealing with routine tasks. Now the employees have more time for solving complex tasks. Besides, they feel their job is more important for the companies they work in.

Virtual assistants are employees with immeasurable performance. The trick is to implement them in the right way. And this task can only be done by using the best mobile app development techniques. Implementing a chatbot to your Facebook, Slack or Skype corporative messenger will improve both customer and staff experience. And the rise of AI technologies enabled the integration of chatbots with native mobile apps.

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3. The Golden Age of Instant Apps

Apps that can start within seconds are very attractive to users. Native apps that you don’t need to download provide great advantages to smartphones owners. They are quite user-friendly and simple. Their small size and great performance is making more and more mobile development companies turn their heads towards implementing such solutions.

Instant apps were announced at the Google IO conference in 2017, and since then have greatly improved. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Followers of mobile app trends will dedicate a lot of their skills to instant app development in 2019.

4. Mobile Payment Popularity

Do you remember when the payment process shifted from cash to cards? And do you agree that cards are becoming useless now that the age of mobile payments is here?

Mobile banking services are changing the financial industry. More and more customers are shopping using their mobile phones. It is a faster, easier and more secure way of spending money. The popularity of m-wallets is rising, and we look forward to welcoming even more powerful mobile solutions for payment purposes next year.

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mobile payment 2019

5. Apps for Beacon Systems

Beacon technologies have the potential to bring customer service to a more personalized level. But beacons cannot work alone. They are just elements of indoor positioning systems, which also need to include high-quality mobile apps. And, of course, user permission is required.

The point is to develop apps that work seamlessly with paired beacons, do not consume too much energy, and do not bother the user without a reason. The Beacon systems bring huge benefits to businesses. A single Beacon device and a powerful mobile app can make a contribution to enlarging your customer base, effective product exhibition, clear mapping, etc. It helps to identify your target audience and implement individual approaches to potentially interested users. So, if you find a reliable mobile app development partner in 2019, your business has all the chances to jump to the top.

6. Wearable Apps

We bet that when someone asks you what time it is you check it on your brand new smart watch. You take wearables to your morning workout and keep an eye on the best apps for these trendy devices. In 2019, the situation is not likely to change. The wearables will experience comprehensive improvement. So apps for tracking, collecting, processing and transmitting significant data will get better too.

wearable trends 2019

7. APM and Its Potential

Let us tell you about an interesting case. One of our partners came to us with an issue. The company’s development team created a lovely app with powerful functionality that helped users find the best coffee houses nearby. Thousands of dollars were invested in the development, marketing and an impressive advertising campaign. The number of downloads was large, and everything was looking good. However, the statistics showed that most of the users who installed the app deleted it after less than a week. So what happened? What was wrong? The answer was very simple.

Users don’t want to spend any more than 3 seconds waiting for a mobile app or web page to load. This may be the biggest issue: if your excellent app takes too long to load, you will simply lose the users who could bring you profit. An app like this requires optimization and additional investments.

On the other hand, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) can save you time and money. AMP is the smaller variant of standard HTML. It is able to improve the performance and make the web pages load faster. Reports showed a 75% decrease in mobile page loading time. AMP is one of the biggest trends in mobile app development in 2019.

8. 5G Is Coming

5G wireless connection is expected to spread around the globe in 2019. 5G is 100 times faster than its predecessor, 4G. This type of connection will change the mobile application market, as apps that currently take 5-10 minutes to download will be installed on your smartphone within seconds. It will make even the bulkiest apps perform flawlessly. This will create opportunities for advanced functionality development and security improvement.

Some of the industry leaders have announced significant steps taken towards adopting 5G. For example, Samsung and Verizon plan to launch devices with 5G-capable chips in 2019. LG plans to join the trend too, and even beat the competitors at the beginning of 2019. However, Apple is going to wait till 2020 to release a new smartphone. This is reasonable, as the company wants 5G to become more widely available.

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9. Mobile Apps as a Part of the IoT World

Internet of Things is the future. It breathes fresh air into numerous industries and takes the entire tech world to a whole new level. It connects different niches and provides the opportunity to build an ecosystem that will change our lives.

All this is impossible without high-quality mobile solutions. The powerful tools and applications that require low energy consumption will be in focus in 2019. First of all, they are expected to solve issues with traffic snarls and vehicle parking. We also expect the IoT mobile apps to cover a wide range of healthcare purposes.

10. App Security

Online security is always in trend. Malicious software is getting more dangerous. And, as the years go by, it gets harder and harder to reveal the potential pitfalls and avoid data breaches.

Mobile applications store gigabytes of sensitive data. Our smartphones know more about us than anything else. So it is crucial to protect this data. If you are responsible for your customers’ personal data security, you should take it extremely seriously and keep an eye on mobile app development trends of 2019 that are aimed at improving security.

Google and Apple have promised to add uncompromising security features to their products. We are looking forward to the cutting-edge techniques with baited breath. So stay tuned!

In Conclusion

Predictions show that 2019 will be a “good-to-great” year. The promising technologies we have been watching for several years will get better and stronger in the upcoming year.

The active implementation of AR and VR technologies, chatbots, 5G, IoT and Beacon improvements are just a few trends mobile app developers will follow in 2019. And our top task is to follow these trends and deliver the best products and services to our customers.

Do you have something to add to this list? Share your vision, and let's build the mobile industry of 2019 together!

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