How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Mobile Apps Smarter


Using Artificial intelligence concept in mobile app development, as well as Augmented or Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things, brings to developers tens or even hundreds of thousands of downloads in just a few months. AI allows you to create not only entertainment software but smart and advanced enterprise applications. Building an AI assistant implies the use of software tools. In fact, they are identical in structure to neurons in the CNS. Also, these tools are able to remember and process previously received data, and then - analyze and apply it in future practice. In this article, we'll talk about how AI works. So, if you wanna know how ai is making mobile apps smarter using AI technology, read the information below.

What AI is: the basic principles

Let's see how the application based on artificial intelligence works. The main AI principle lies in the ability to make independent decisions. This process is influenced by input data and, in some cases, the expected result. To implement it, developers create an artificial neural network, which operates according to the same algorithms as the ones that the human brain uses to memorize things. Such networks use training samples to create graphs. Then, these graphs use input data to lead to the correct answer.

Of course, the program code, required for building such a network has an extremely complicated structure. So, it’s hard to build your own artificial intelligence app. And if you ask any developer how to do this in the easiest way, they will advise you to use special APIs. The most popular APIs are,, Clarifai, Tensorflow, Amazon AI and IBM Watson, which we will briefly review further.

How to build an ai application: choose the appropriate API

And now, we want to introduce to you some APIs that you can use to develop your own AI-based solution.

• is an application programming interface, which provides intelligent analysis of input data (including data in voice format) based on the previously created training samples and the experience gained during the employment of your ready-made application by a certain user. With this API you can easily make a simple AI application like Siri. uses two basic mechanisms. The first one determines the central object of the user request (in the request "Where to buy a cake?" this object is “a cake”). The second mechanism determines this object part. For example, in our request for cakes, this role is "where to buy".

• IBM Watson. IBM Watson is one of the world's first solutions based on artificial intelligence. This platform also translates voice data into text and then searches the right answer to user’s question in Internet search engines. IBM Watson uses incredibly powerful filtering mechanisms. They choose the correct solution among the many others. It is also worth to say that this software solution has a structure which is different from many other AI platforms. Instead of looking for the correct logical chain of actions leading to the desired result, it implements a multi-tasking process, in which thousands of algorithms are executed simultaneously. Some developers are inclined towards this AI implementation type.

• The’s working principle, which was created by the Google developers team, is almost identical to’s. At the same time, this solution is distinguished by an incredibly precise entity identification (for example, requests with phrases "computer equipment vendor" and "computer equipment supplier" will be processed in different ways and probably will have different results). Also, this service has the colossal knowledge base. That's why is one of the most useful solutions for creating software, the main purpose of which is to answer educational questions.

• Amazon AI. Amazon AI is also a well-known platform based on AI, which is able to recognize visual objects, human speech (using the mechanisms of NLU, ASR, and TTS), and implement the deep machine learning processes. This solution is fully adapted for cloud deployment and, therefore, allows you to create small-sized apps (this is an extremely important feature for mobile developers).

• Clarifai. The Clarifai platform is something new in the AI field. This solution analyzes the data using capacitive and complicated algorithms. Thus, applications created on this platform can fully adapt to the experience with a particular user. This fact makes Clarifai the best choice for developers who want to create an assistant based on artificial intelligence. To integrate it with your app, use the REST API.

• Tensorflow. Tensorflow is also a Google developers’ project, the concept of which is based on the artificial neural network graphs generation. At the same time, the creation of a specific graph is conditioned not only by the information obtained from the knowledge base but also by the data obtained in the experience with a particular user. Note that this library is not easy to master. So, it is not recommended for use by developers who previously did not have any experience with AI-based solutions.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Mobile Apps Smarter

AI-based applications examples

Now, let's look at specific artificial intelligence based apps examples. Below, we have compiled a list of mobile apps that you may not have heard of before (unlike, again, Siri), which makes them even more interesting to discover.

• Socratic. Socratic is an awesome application for iPhone owners with children. For sure, many of us have spent much time and effort to solve and, then, also, to explain to your child how to solve the math problem. With Socratic, you will no longer have this problem. Simply take a photo of the conditions written in the class book or notebook, upload it through the application to the server, and in a few seconds, you will get the right solution (not just an answer, but a detailed explanation to it)! But this is not all. The Socratic possibilities are not confined to deep knowledge in mathematics. In addition, you can get answers to questions on 23 disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, geometry, history, biology, etc.

• ELSA. If you want to update your knowledge of the English pronunciation, the ELSA application is just what you need! Many foreign students are faced with the problem that they cannot reliably transmit sounds pronounced by native speakers. Now, you can try your hand at that again. Download ELSA to your device and choose the right training program for yourself. Then, you should pass a series of test tasks, the results of which will help the application to identify shortcomings in your words pronunciation. And what is the result? Overall, you will receive detailed instructions to adjust your articulation (what the lips, tongue or teeth position should be in your particular case).

• Allo. The Allo application, created for both iOS and Android devices owners, is an extremely advanced messenger. Your FIRST impression may be wrong. Because it looks like many others. In fact, based on machine learning, this mobile app uses personal user’s communication experience. The built-in Allo mechanisms automatically generate the suitable answers (Smart Replies function), which you can put in correspondence with your friends. The further, the more. You can also use the automatic image recognition feature (that can be exchanged during communication) and a built-in bot that performs a highly intelligent search on Google for your requests.

Building an AI software: let’s sum up

Nowadays, the artificial intelligence concept can significantly expand the range of tasks performed through the trivial application capabilities. If you have your own business idea for an AI-based startup, but don’t know how to create your ai mobile app by yourself, contact a professional software development company.

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