We are Applikey.
It’s nice to meet you

Welcome to Applikey! It’s nice to meet you!

Applikey Solutions is the part of SSA group focused on mobile app development. We are a team of talented engineers providing such services as: iOS and Android mobile app development, web development, design, project management, and quality assurance.

Our professionals create custom mobile assets that produce seamless digital experiences and move businesses forward.

We believe in
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Our core values
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Understanding our clients

Our main goal is to understand your business requirements so we can outperform your expectations


Everything we are is down to the talent of our team — and when you partner with Applikey we become extended members of your team

Creating an exceptional experience

We’re not just writing code, we’re changing the World, creating new business, facilitating technology progress and helping you follow your dream. Every day for us is an opportunity to develop something life-changing

We challenge ourselves every day

Not only are we constantly looking for more challenging projects, we’re looking to improve how we deliver those projects; faster, less re-work, more satisfied customers and higher results than before.

Challenges makes us stronger and help us move forward faster.

When you work with Applikey you’ll find a team that is passionate, professional and fun to work with. We focus on your goals, your budget, and your success.

Whether you’re coming to us with an idea as a start-up or as a corporate, we have the talent, passion, resources and process to help you bring it to market quickly.

Head of applikey departmentf
Dmytro Kuklenko
Head of Applikey Department

Technologies help bring the most ambitious ideas to life. At Applikey we are truly passionate about technologies and use them to create valuable and robust solutions that enable our clients to grow their business and outperform competitors.

We approach every projects individually and treat it as our most important challenge. We leverage our extensive engineering expertise and deep industry insights to create not an app itself, but success that the app will bring to our clients.

And after hundreds of successfully completed projects there is still a huge space for us to learn what we are constantly doing to prove that Applikey Solutions is a right decision for your business.

We’re World class at making cool apps, but we only succeed if you succeed. We’ve grown through recommendations from satisfied customers so the overall customer experience is just as important to the  final product.

We strongly believe in
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We understand that when you pay for a remote team Communication is crucial. When you partner with Applikey we aim to make you feel as though we’re sitting next to you.

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Intellectual property

We have always taken a firm stand in favor of intellectual property. All the rights on the solutions we develop, fully belong to our clients. We’re interested in building long-term relationships only and we always create solid foundation to build our business upon.

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Clarity of pricing

When we offer you a price for the project, that’s the price. Our estimate comes with a GUARANTEE that we WILL NOT EXCEED the top cap of the estimate. If we finish in less time, we’ll only charge you for the hours we’ve done. Unlike many other firms, we also don’t ask for large up-front deposits.

How we work

When you partner with Applikey, you’re not just hiring a design and development team, you’re hiring a guide that can walk with you through the steps to launching your successful app project.

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Initial interview

The first thing you are likely to want to know is how much it will cost to build your app. We don’t want to make this step hard, and we certainly don’t want to play any tricks but to give you a realistic estimate we need to spend some time understanding the real fundamentals of your app. What does it need to do? Who are the Users and how do you foresee them using it? The platforms you will offer it on.

and analyse

So, you’ve chosen Applikey and we’re good to go. Great to have your on-board! We’ll give you a dedicated success manager who will come up with the specification and mock-ups to ensure that everything is on paper before we start the development.

Look and feel designing

So the stage of planning and analysis is behind us, you have a clear idea, specification and even mock-ups, you know your competitors and you know how to beat them. It’s time to start working on the design. Our graphic artists will give you 1-2 screens per day and ask for your feedback. Our app team will create a clickable prototype using the Invision app which has clickable links in order to really understand and demonstrate the user flows.

in Sprints

Now we can start writing code! We break down all the functionality into small 2-3 weeks sprints and send you an on-going demo build at the end of the sprint. Every build is carefully tested by our QA team on a wide range of real devices.

for launch

We don’t consider it ‘job done’ until your app is published and released. We’ve done this processes literally hundreds of times, so we’re masters at it — especially when it comes to iOS apps because of their strict App Store guidelines.

Making it even more awesome

We are very focussed on an early release leaving all but the core functionality for v2. You will then have a better understanding (with the help of analytics) of how users are using your app and what features they need/don’t need. This iterative process is the best way to ensure we are building the right things to make the app even better.