Top 12 AI Personal Assistant Apps for Android


Taking into account the growth of opportunities dictated by time, almost every person aspires to save as much time as possible and to do as much as possible: whether it is communication with relatives, personal life or work. Sounds familiar, does it not? Gadgets are an integral part of life, as they allow the user to always keep abreast of the latest news and be in touch with their loved ones or colleagues. Developers strive to make their customers' lives as easy as possible, offering them a wide range of applications that enable them to learn something new, conduct banking operations or simply relax.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a modern science, a technology that allows creating intelligent algorithms. Given the technological progress, over time, self-learning machines will become a part of everyone's life: within the scope of their field of activity and daily life.

The Best AI Personal Assistant Apps for Android

What is the personal assistant app? This is a kind of option that assists the user thus increasing the productivity of their daily lives.

Successfully developing artificial intelligence-based personal assistants is one of the weighty indicators of the top of the line expertise for any software company. Exactly these products allow the user to save the most time, delivering them from performing the simplest tasks. The artificial system has the ability to perform creative functions, which previously were the prerogative of humans.

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To determine what kind of application will be most relevant for their users, one must know the features of the leading virtual assistant apps.

List of Top Android Personal Assistants:

  1. Assistant - Your Voice Aide;
  2. Dragon Mobile Assistant;
  3. Lyra;
  4. Robin;
  5. Sherpa Beta Personal Assistant;
  6. DataBot Assistant;
  7. Jarvis;
  8. Cortana;
  9. Pocket Blonde Cyber Girlfriend;
  10. Andy;
  11. Ozlo;
  12. Google Now.

These are great personal assistant apps for Android that will make the life of any user easier.

Assistant – Your Voice Aide

The AI-powered assistants list is rightfully headed by Assistant. This is one of the most famous personal helpers. This application is perfectly supported by both mobile phones and tablets. It records the user's voice, analyzes the received data and responds to the request. With the help of Assistant, the user does not need to set the alarm to a certain time themselves, for example. It is enough to give a command to a program and it will set the right time for a wake-up signal independently. This personal assistant can perform necessary information searches and is even able to connect the user to the internet services. Assistant perfectly remembers the places visited by the user, and at any convenient moment, can find a place corresponding to their personal preferences. The application is available in the following languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The user does not need to specify the desired command within the application. It is enough to pronounce the phrase clearly so that the software running in the background recognizes the command and starts executing it. The application can be an excellent helper in everyday life for any smartphone user.

android ai assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is one of the top personal assistants based on AI for Android. A special feature of the application is the quick execution of the tasks set by the user. The assistant application can send and receive messages on social networks (Facebook), and also check the user's email. Performing the routine chores has never been so easy. After all, the helper’s user does not even need to touch the mobile device to set the task. To create a reminder or perform a search on the Internet, you only need to clearly pronounce the goal. The Enhanced Attention feature allows "waking up" the phone with just one command when it is in "sleep mode". The user can program the application in such a way that it recognizes only their voice and executes only their commands.

Top 12 AI Personal Assistant Apps for Android


Previously, this helper was called Indigo Virtual Assistant. Now it is one of the most popular assistant applications. The interaction with Lyra visual assistant resembles the natural communication with a real person. This personal aide will help the user to quickly understand the main tasks and settings of the smartphone.

Top 12 AI Personal Assistant Apps for Android 2

Among the functions that Lyra can perform with voice commands, the following are the most noteworthy:

  • Setting alarms;
  • Search videos on YouTube;
  • Look up maps of desired locations;
  • Translation functions for various languages.


Robin is a smart helper app, which is among the best for Android. Created like Siri (an intelligent personal assistant released in 2010 by Apple Inc.), it is an indispensable consultant on the road, thanks to the GPS geolocation. The application orients perfectly in virtually any terrain and is able to instantly determine and set the best route. Robin is also able to inform the client about the weather and the availability of gas stations. The application can check the updates of information and user's personal messages in social networks, as well as report the latest news.

Sherpa Beta Personal Assistant

One of the best assistant applications for everyday life. Sherpa Beta personal helper provides the user with information about the weather, traffic jams or which route is better to choose when reaching the specified location easy and accessible. This Android-based assistant is able to make calls using the data from the user's personal phone book, as well as search and listen to the music directly on the internet, without any download. The application can also monitor user’s social media profile notifications. Sherpa Beta can play the role of an interpreter from foreign languages and report the latest news.

Top 12 AI Personal Assistant Apps for Android 3

An essential criterion in the choice of this personal assistant for users is that there is no set price for downloading it. In fact, anyone can download from the internet and install this assistant to their device completely free of charge.

DataBot Assistant

DataBot Assistant is similar to the Siri created for iOS. This virtual aide is equipped with its own voice pack and is ready to answer any user questions, as well as provide an overview of the latest world news. This personal consultant can provide information about fictional characters or real persons of culture or politics, historical personalities, and so on. The assistant can be programmed in such a way as to make a list of daily purchases or to prepare thoroughly for the celebration of the birthday, and more.

Top 12 AI Personal Assistant Apps for Android 4

A remarkable function of this helper is that it is an excellent assistance not only in everyday life but also in work. Making presentations using the voice can now be done easily and quickly. DataBot Assistant adapts to the user who provides the information. This assistant accumulates all the information received and learns to quickly recognize the frequently used tools.


This useful widget application, based on Android, is equipped with its own live support. At this time, this helper application is only available in English. The functions of this assistant help to save time for any client of the application, as well as to keep up-to-date with the latest news. Jarvis is able to respond to text messages or receive/make calls upon a user's command. This AI-powered personal assistant can independently adjust the connection to the internet and play music via Bluetooth.


Cortana is an excellent app for Android smartphones and tablets.This helper allows tracking the locations that the client visits and build routes taking them into account. Creating reminders and setting the alarms with the help of Cortana is a breeze. The application reports traffic jams and offers alternative routing options. The assistant can be programmed in such a way that it recognizes commands exclusively from the host of the device. Cortana is also able to track the interests of the user and promptly provide them with information about favorite artists, writers, etc.

Top 12 AI Personal Assistant Apps for Android 5

This intelligent personal aide is available in nine languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese.

Pocket Blonde Cyber Girlfriend

The user of this consultant app is given the opportunity to communicate with the cyber-girl Kate, who has an excellent sense of humor and is ready to provide advice and recommendations based on the interests of the user. Kate will report all the latest news and provide a weather forecast in an easy, unobtrusive and pleasant manner. The application is available in English and is designed specifically for the Android platform.


The free Andy assistant easily responds to messages and performs outgoing calls. The application also checks email and responds to any clearly stated questions of the client. This personal helper is always at hand to report the current time and weather forecast. The application can also convert currencies and report the results to the owner of the gadget. In addition to the voice recording function, the user can also manually enter the question of interest or specify a command. Andy perfectly recognizes both voice commands and written text. To set the voice command, the user only needs to click on the button on the screen of their device, and then, after processing the request, the assistant issues a response.


During the first launch of the Ozlo application, the user is prompted to enter their ZIP code. This nuance will allow the application to more accurately determine and display weather data. Ozlo is a kind of Siri analog. The application can refine the user's data regarding the requested items in order to provide more accurate information. The personal assistant fixes the places to which the client frequents. At any convenient time, Ozlo can provide a list of institutions configured according to the user's preferences. The application perfectly interacts with social networks and has the ability to respond to messages in the Facebook Messenger.

Google Now

The Google Now personal assistant is available for the following platforms:

  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Windows;
  • MacOS;
  • Linux/Unix;
  • Chrome OS.

This assistant is available in 37 languages, which gives it an advantage in comparison with many helper apps. Another great benefit is the direct integration with all the Google services.

Top 12 AI Personal Assistant Apps for Android 6

The range of functions that this intelligent personal assistant provides is simply amazing: the application can recognize the user's location, analyze the client's queries, and then give the best options. The assistant can provide information about promotions that take place in stores, provide data on hotels. One of the distinctive features of the application is the ability to convert currencies. Tracking a flight or finding out the cinema program is easy as well, thanks to a close cooperation with the Google search engine.


Thus, we discovered that the best personal assistants should:

  • Have a convenient and memorable interface;
  • Provide the high speed of customer requests processing;
  • Accurately recognize tasks and supply options for their implementation;
  • Have the number of interface locales and recognized languages - the more the better;
  • Integrate with social networks, databases and search engines to get the requested info.

The above applications are the best of the AI-powered personal assistant apps. Together, they represent a truly unique collection of the top-end Android applications available on the World Wide Web.

Most of these applications perform similar functions and are aimed at optimizing the user's time usage. The main criterion for choosing assistants for this article was an easy and unobtrusive interface and a clear recognition of the voice commands. We hope that it will help our readers to choose the one that suits their needs best.

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