How to Find the Best App Developers for Your Project?


One of the common misconceptions in the IT industry is that startups are something either launched by programmers, or for them. In reality, anybody can come up with a brilliant idea and execute it by creating a mobile app; however, in order to bring your idea to life the way you imagine it - or even better - you will need to find an app developer. The next logical question will be how to find an app developer or service with the best combination of skills, cost, and personal qualities for your business. This article covers all the information you need to make the right choice and bring your ideas to life.

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As soon as you start looking for app developers, the opportunities may seem overwhelming. We are no longer limited by schedules or distance, and this gives us countless options which can be a blessing and a curse at the same time.

The first and most obvious filter which can be applied in order to cut down the choices is location. Finding a developer locally can be a very good solution, depending on the type of project you have in mind. This option provides the benefits of having face-to-face communication, and the ability to work in the same time zone, which means having the opportunity to schedule meetings at standard hours and applying instant adjustments to the product in real time, if necessary. Also, having a similar cultural background and traditions can be an important factor for certain clients, with the language barrier as another point that some people may be concerned about, especially when it comes to discussions and conflict situations. For these reasons, and many more, hiring local employees seems like a more appealing option to many.

How to Find the Best App Developers for Your Project?

Although these are serious points for consideration, finding app developers locally has disadvantages, as well. If you are choosing candidates in the local market only, you might be limited to the qualifications and skills of the candidates within your community. Another drawback is the price. If the rates in your area are quite high, there is a good chance you will expend your full budget before the project is even complete. While hiring developers abroad may seem like a more complicated process, it definitely has major advantages. First of all, it provides access to a wide range of specialists working with certain sets of technologies. Secondly, it gives the opportunity to reach out to specialists with unusual or even unique sets of skills, if they are required on your project. You also gain access to professionals who already possess experience in the corresponding field, which is a great advantage as they can not only work on the code of your application, but they can also bring in useful insights which will take your original idea to the next level. As for the time zone difference factor, it is possible to organize your workflow in a way that will allow for a few overlapping working hours. There are always additional solutions for online meetings and discussions.

It is also impossible to deny the major advantages of using an outsourced workforce which is the price. For example, the price tag for development services in the US can be up to $150/hr, approximately. In contrast, Eastern European pricing is set closer to $30-50/hr. Impressive difference, isn’t it? Being able to cut expenses without sacrificing the quality of work is one factor which makes outsourcing more and more financially attractive, especially for startup companies.

Individual or company

The next thing that will help to find your perfect match will be the choice between an individual freelancer and a development company. When looking for app developers for hire, you need to realize that a freelance developer is a self-managed individual. With freelance developers, you will depend on that single person in terms of time management, risk management, quality of end product and all other possible peculiarities. So, if you need to handle a simple short-term task, freelancers can be a great help. On the contrary, if anything goes wrong, it might be pretty difficult to reconcile and there is no other person on the developing side to control the quality and guarantee a successful result.

When you hire a mobile app developer via web development company, the biggest advantage is that they have an established workflow where each specialist does the work he does best. The programmers in these organizations are concentrated solely on coding that shows their best performance. In a company, workflow and communication issues are handled by a project manager while a freelance developer is in charge of all of these actions. Project managers organize the work process and ensure that the end product will be delivered according to the prior agreement, making tracking the progress easier for the client.

How to Find the Best App Developers for Your Project? 2

Companies also usually provide supplementary services which can significantly improve the performance of the application and the overall look and feel. For example, Applikey Solutions specializes in web and mobile development, as well as providing professional UI/UX and QA services. No need to search for a new employee for every single thing you have in mind, just contact the company and let them do everything for you.

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Where to find mobile app developers

Finding developers for your project has never been easier. There are plenty of ways to find a developer for an app and ensure you find the perfect candidate for you. Check out the most popular strategies for finding web developers below:

  • Recommendations. This is probably the oldest way of finding a supplier or vendor, and yet it is still very effective. Good reviews from former clients speak louder than any resume. Also, past clients can give honest feedback on advantages and disadvantages of working with a person.
  • Local universities. If your project is not on a tight schedule and is rather simple, it is always nice to give the opportunity to a young talent. Students will be happy to take an opportunity to start out their career, and you will get to work with a young, enthusiastic and motivated team.
  • Internet communities. When it comes to web development GitHub and StackOverflow are the first two platforms that come to mind. On those sites, developers share their expertise and practical skills so their knowledge level can be easily estimated. This makes it easier to choose the person that matches your expectations.
  • Freelance platforms. These allow the opportunity to find developers for a project of any level of complexity, with an hourly rate or fixed price payment. The process is rather easy and clear. Such services usually provide payment protection in order to ensure that both parties fulfill their obligations. The most popular platforms are Upwork and Freelancer.
  • Online platforms. Unlike freelance websites, there are other types of platforms which also allow searching for developers, though their initial function is to represent the brand on the professional market:

1) LindkedIn is a professional network which is aimed at employment and can be used to contact promising candidates.

2) Another good option is, a platform that allows the opportunity to look out for the best companies with different areas of expertise, check the reviews of their clients and contact them.

And the winner is...

As soon as you have a list of candidates you are interested in, it is time to take a closer look at each of them to be able to choose and hire an app developer. To do so, you will need to check their website and portfolio, as these are the perfect representations of the skill set and personal style. There may not be an overwhelming number of projects added, however, those that are there should match your expectations. Of course there should also be a list of projects executed that include the particular skills and toolkit you are looking for.

Checking the “about” page of a company website can be helpful, as well. It gives an opportunity to understand where the person or the company is coming from, what goals they have and what values they stand by.

Even if your candidates did not enter your list via recommendation, checking the reviews left on their public profiles or website can be really helpful. They might tell more about actual proficiency levels and, even, interpersonal skills.

Once you have narrowed the list down as much as possible, it is time to arrange the interview. Meeting in person is the best option; however, a Skype meeting is a good alternative if the candidates are located elsewhere. This will complete your overall impression and give the idea of the communication skills for each individual. You will be able to ask all your additional questions which were not addressed in the developer’s portfolio, as well.

Last but not least, look for companies that speak openly about the way their development process is organized: what will be involved and how exactly they envision the process of achieving the end result. If they are able to support the product after the release, have additional supplementary services and are eager to cooperate further, we might have a lucky winner.

That’s it! We have provided all the details on how and where to find mobile app developers and, hopefully, we will help you make the best choice for your business, as well as establish a fruitful and reliable relationship for years to come. Although it is a multi-step process and takes a lot of research, the result will be well worth it!

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