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According to a recent survey, 42% of small businesses have a mobile app in 2017 and clearly that number is only going to increase. The problem is that while most small business owners are experts in their industry and know how to run their company, they lack the knowledge and experience to create a customized app for their specific needs. That’s where AppliKey comes in; we started out small, but the quality of our work and our exemplary team is getting us noticed worldwide.

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Clutch, a highly respected technology research firm based in Washington, DC, just added us to their website for our Mobile Application and Web Development services. Through extensive research and verified client reviews, Clutch determines the best technology companies in the world and then recommends these companies to small businesses who are in the market for someone to address their technological needs. From there, these customers can pick a developer based on location, services offered, client focus, budget, industry focus and more.

We couldn't have achieved this status without the incredible reviews from our amazing clients. Here are a few things that they said to put us on the map:

  • “We started working with AppliKey Solutions in the summer of 2015. The development has been completed, and we're in QA testing mode right now. We plan to have an ongoing relationship with AppliKey Solutions. They will be our go-to source for any technology needs.” – CEO, Law Firm
  • “I don't know what AppliKey Solutions' client base looks like, but whenever I had an urgent issue, they've made me feel like their only customer. As a growing business getting ready to get our foot into the market, this is exactly what we need. I never had to wait for them to have an available developer. AppliKey Solutions rearranged things and made it happen. It was also nice to have AppliKey Solutions' be available while we were sleeping since we run client databases. Many problems were fixed while remaining unknown to our clients.” - Co-founder and VP, Online Education and Training Firm
  • “I have worked on much higher-level projects, not ones on this scale. A part of why we went to Ukraine was cost, which is a fraction of what we'd have spent elsewhere. Even so, I don't feel that I've compromised on quality. I was prepared for this to happen, but it didn't. The service and communication have been great.” - Co-founder of Boat Sharing Platform
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We are humbled but not surprised that we were able to garner a place on a top referral platform… after all, we have a dedicated team that works hard to make our customers happy. Our company is only as good as the reviews of our customers and we are so grateful that we have the best customers to partner with to create some of the best apps and websites.

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