How To Create a Navigation App


Do you remember the last time you asked someone in the street how to get somewhere? We are sure that it was quite a long time ago, and the reason is simple – you have a navigation app on your smartphone. Moreover, apps with inbuilt navigation functionality are installed on almost every smart device (you must have used Uber at least once, right?).

This is the best reason to build a GPS app and take advantage of this trend. In this article, you'll find out how to make a navigation app and how much it may cost you.

how to make a navigation app

GPS Navigation App: What Examples Should You Pay Attention To?

We think that using Uber as an example is boring – this niche is already full of clone apps anyway. Instead, we would like to introduce you to another GPS navigation app, Waze. It is an open-source application that drivers can use to exchange up-to-date information on traffic jams, car accidents, fuel prices, service stations, etc.

As you can already see, a map is the basis of the Waze application. This map allows tracking your location and the location of various places with the help of the GPS system. Other features like planning routes, leaving public messages, analyzing the vehicle speed, and seeing the latest gas prices are not that difficult to implement, especially for an experienced developer.

Interestingly, this app (available for both iOS and Android) demonstrates amazing responsiveness. This is especially crucial for the users driving at a high speed.

Finally, we should highlight the user interface – it is so simple and easy to understand that even a little child can use it. This is also one of the reasons that Waze has become so popular – today, it is owned by Google and is included in the list of the top 3 awesome navigation apps in the world.

Do you want to find out how to make an app like Waze? Great! Then make yourself comfortable, and let's get acquainted with the features of a Waze-like mobile app!

6 Basic Features for Your Future Navigation App

Below you can see six basic features that will definitely be useful for your future navigation app.

Map with geolocation services

This map is the basis of your app, as you already know. A map like this uses the GPS system to locate objects. This allows determining users' location within a few meters. To minimize errors, you can include Cell ID functionality that is based on the data from mobile operators. So, if developers combine GPS and Cell ID, the app's geolocation services will be as precise as possible.

As for the tools, chances are that developers will use Google Maps API, HERE, Mapbox (by the way, this is one of the best APIs, which has great route planning and turn-by-turn navigation), MapFit, or any other API.

Voice instructions

Fortunately, Google doesn't limit developers with the standard online maps features. Besides geolocation services, the company offers you Google Maps Directions API. It allows choosing any voice from the list, and it will give directions for the route. This feature attracts users as it is convenient for drivers, and it can be especially interesting for them if you choose a famous person's voice. So, we strongly recommend that you do not neglect this feature.

User profiles

Obviously, when you create a navigation app, you are very likely to include the registration. Otherwise, how will users be able to notify others that there is a traffic jam on Allen Street or that there are a lot of police cars on Madison Avenue? No one is going to believe an anonymous user.

Creating a user account allows not only communicating with other users properly, but also making one's own notes, managing former routes, and making in-app purchases (if you add them to your app).

Message publication

It is crucial to determine how user messages will be displayed – they could be sent to a common chat or delivered as push notifications appearing on the user screen when he or she enters a certain region. You can choose either option, or even both of them.

Payment services

We've mentioned in-app purchases above. Just think about it: what if your app becomes popular not only with drivers but also those who provide complementary services, like car repairs or gas distribution? In this case, they are likely to offer you a mutually beneficial partnership – users get discounts or a cashback offer if they buy something using your app, and you get reliable partners and an additional source of income.

Integration with social media

If you integrate your app with widely used social networks' APIs, you will significantly improve the user experience, as authorization will become a piece of cake for users. First of all, this integration will mitigate security risks, as most potential issues and vulnerabilities are already taken care of by the developers of these social networks. Secondly, your users won't have to waste time creating one more account on the top of all the other accounts they already have and remembering one more password.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Navigation App?

Now it's time for the most intriguing part of the article: How much does it cost to create a navigation app? How can you determine the pricing?

In fact, the cost of creating a navigation app depends entirely on the number of working hours developers spend building it. For an average navigation app, user interface development will take developers 150-200 hours. Front-end development will require 500-600 hours. Back-end development will take 500-520 hours. In this particular case, the back-end needs a lot of attention, as the app has to download data as the users' cars move. Finally, testing and quality assurance will take 70-100 hours.

If you consider the average hourly rate to be $40, your maximum budget will amount to $56,800. Keep in mind that these are only the first business expenses – afterwards, you will need technical support and maintenance, as well as having to pay for server capabilities.

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So, you have found out how to make a GPS app. And, if you have finished forming your business idea, your next step is most likely to be looking for developers. Here, in order to save your time and money, it is vital to find the team that will not only offer you custom app development on a turn-key basis, but also be completely honest with you. Today, it's easy to encounter a development company that will sell you features you don't actually need just because "they have to be included" or "they will be a competitive advantage".

Fortunately, if you are reading this article, your search has already been successful – you have found us! We are ready to take on your project. Our team consists of professionals who keep up with the latest technology trends and development tools on the market.

Are you willing to get the most awesome app in your niche? Consider it done! Fill out this form on our website, and we'll contact you to discuss our further cooperation.

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