10 Reasons to Outsource Design & Development


Many startups rely very heavily (and in many cases, solely) on online marketing tools to get their message heard but it’s one thing getting people to your site or app, it’s another thing converting a visit to a sale.

As consumers, we all make snap decisions about an organisation from our first experience – consider how often you’ve visited a website but then left within seconds, or downloaded an app and uninstalled it moments later? Ensuring you get that first and any subsequent experience right should be one of the first things that you should consider outsourcing to experts - it’s just too important to leave to chance.

Here are the best 10 reasons why outsourcing your web and mobile development projects will help your business grown and end up saving you time, money, and headaches in the long-run.

1. Cost Effectiveness

It’s no secret that starting and running a business can be costly, especially in the beginning so it’s understandable that many look to build and maintain their website and app in-house. But it can be a false economy if they spend longer than is needed because they’re learning how to do it as they go along. That’s time that could be spent serving or winning new customers!

Outsourcing your mobile and web development is one of the easiest and most impactful ways that you can control costs as it can save you from having to spend large upfront costs to pull your own in-house techie or team.

And don’t just consider their salaries; it takes time and money to recruit and on-board each new employee, plus the cost of office space, the tools they need to do their work, benefits and vacation time. None of those costs apply when you outsource to a third-party team, and especially when you hire a development firm from a country such as the Ukraine which benefits from lower labor costs, fewer taxes, and a much lower overhead.

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2. Expertise

When you outsource your mobile development, not only do you save yourself the cost and hassle of putting together your own in-house team, but you also get to rely on the experience and expertise of your third-party digital firm. Chances are, it would be difficult or even impossible to be able to hire a team of your own developers with comparable experience to a firm that’s been in the business for years. As the saying goes, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” so why risk hiring a mismatched team of developers yourself when plenty of high-quality, professional development companies who can do the work for you already exist?

3. Valuable Resources

Mobile and web technologies are constantly evolving, so for your business to be able to compete with the top players in your field, you’re going to need access to the most advanced tools and resources. Hiring a digital firm from the Ukraine that utilizes the latest technologies and strategies can help you and your business maintain a competitive edge in a fast-paced marketplace.

4. Innovation

When you outsource to a specialist firm not only are you acquiring their expertise and skills, but you’re also getting the latest ideas and innovations that only people that live and breathe their industry can offer. Innovation like this isn’t something that you can build overnight. It’s something that requires years of experience, advanced knowledge, and the right tools to foster its growth. Outsourcing your design and development needs to a company with a proven track record of innovation can be an invaluable key to success for any business.

5. A Multidisciplinary Approach

When you use an app or website, it’s hard for most people to appreciate just how many skills and components were involved in creating it. Taking on this project yourself can very quickly become overwhelming and burdensome.

When you outsource to a third-party development firm, you’re outsourcing to a team of people with varied skills from mobile/web design, project management, front-end and back-end development and quality assurance all from a one-stop-shop. No-one has all these skills so if you hire an ‘IT guy’ you’re going to be getting, at best, one or two of these skills which will undoubtedly impact your end-product.

6. Lowered Liability

With a constantly fluctuating economy and workforce, hiring your own team of mobile/web professionals can be a risky business, especially if you don’t quite have the capital to invest in lots of employees right off the bat. Outsourcing to a mobile development company who can provide the services you need without requiring any long-term contracts or commitments that you may not be able to afford upfront can significantly lower your liability.

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7. Reduced Time to Market

In business, time is money. Ineffective or inefficient software development equates to lost money and potentially lost customers. Let your third-party design and development team work out the time-consuming kinks of your project so that your products or services can hit the market as quickly as possible, thus saving you both time and money.

8. Reach a Broader Market

An often-overlooked added benefit of outsourcing to another country is the fact that this may provide you with an excellent opportunity for market expansion. Hiring a mobile development company from Ukraine could open an entirely new market for your business that may otherwise remain unexplored. Look at outsourcing as an opportunity to grow your business in new directions from a global perspective.

9. Focus on Your Core Business

While you probably feel as though wearing multiple hats is just what it takes to build a business, the truth is that stretching yourself too thinly can negatively affect your business – time spent working on development tasks is time that you’re not spending with your customers or finding new ones. Sure, flexibility and adaptability are excellent traits for a business owner to have, but that doesn’t mean that you should feel obliged to do everything yourself.

Let the experts handle your mobile and web development so that you can focus on the core value of your business. In the long-run, this will help your company to grow and expand much more efficiently and rapidly.

10. Work as a Partnership

When it comes down to it, outsourcing your mobile/web development doesn’t mean that you need to relinquish all control. Instead, think of it as a business partnership in which you and your development firm work together to create a successful end-product that fulfils the unique needs and goals of your business.

At Applikey, we’ve managed hundreds of successful web and mobile app projects for startups and corporates from around the World. Call or email us at so we can discuss your requirements, obligation free, or click here to see some of the projects we’ve been involved in.

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