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Three months ago we celebrated a big day - 5 years since we started our journey. It was a great time with ups and downs, deadlines and new projects, interviews, and estimations. But what is the most important, these 5 years were full of satisfaction and joy that our efforts have brought us daily.

At the beginning, we were just a small team of people that loved iOS development. But each year we get bigger, attract new talents and strengthen our company. Now, more than 50 professionals at Applikey are providing our customers with a variety of services, including mobile and web development, quality assurance, project management and interface design.

We spent more than 200,000 hours working on our customers' tasks, creating brilliant solutions, designing nice interfaces, evaluating and estimating efforts, and managing the processes. That was a long and hard but gifting and satisfying path, and we are happy we could make it to our position.

Applikey - The Best Upwork Agency in Kharkiv

In Ukraine, 2018 started with an important event we were looking forward to. The Upwork Regional Freelance Summit took place in the 5 biggest cities. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, and Lviv welcomed Upwork representatives. And as we were nominated for the title of the best company, the Kharkiv Summit had much meaning for us.

On the 30th of January, we received this amazing award. We were named the best agency in Kharkiv and our efforts were recognized.

We consider creating a software solution for the client an absolutely brilliant experience. The implementation of the idea, the process of creating a real solution is always something more than just coding. It is about reaching new heights and catering to a certain person’s needs. And of course, every time we receive a testimonial from the client it is a real pleasure. But on the day of the Upwork Summit, we felt a new experience that proved us we do this all right.


We would like to express our gratitude to the event organizers and the whole Upwork team. Your high-level service and support provided us with the possibility to develop our company and get better. We appreciate these years of collaboration and look forward to the continued productive cooperation.

Our team members are our greatest assets. We would never reach this high without these wonderful people. Together we successfully finished a lot of projects and implemented numerous innovative solutions. Skills and effort, as well as friendly team spirit, are the leading reasons for our achievements. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such amazing experts. Guys, you all are awesome!

And last but not least, we wish to thank participants of the summit who attended the ceremony. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

New Pinnacle - New Beginning

The Upwork Regional Summit in Kharkiv became a new start for us. Now, we can aim to even higher goals. With the high inspiration and drive for the professional improvement, we believe in our future.

Personal ambition is not enough to succeed. Hard work is crucial. Our amazing software together with the years of hard work led us to the title of the best outsource development company in Kharkiv. It means even more if you take into account another significant fact. Kharkiv is one of the biggest cities in Ukraine, as well as one of the leading IT centers. We appreciate the honor to be nominated for this great award and are really thankful for the recognition. And trust us - we are not going to stop here.

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