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Success has the potential to inspire. No matter if it is your own success or a great achievement of a competitor, it awakens the desire to aim for more and reach new heights.

A comprehensive analysis of the situation on the modern market highlights the one feature all successful products have in common. On-demand mobile app development is the approach that guarantees success and raises the position of your company on the list of top product providers.

Let’s take a look at Uber services. This solution started as a startup a couple of years ago, but the technology and idea implemented by the founders blew up the market. The company only needed a few months to win the attention of the US citizens. And now, it operates legally in more than 40 countries.

The question that comes to mind is how to create an on-demand app. Actually, there is nothing complicated about it. The main thing is to understand the processes, expand your knowledge on this topic and find a reliable partner to cooperate with.

3 Questions About the On-Demand Economy to Answer Before You Start

Every company aims to satisfy the customer. Strong competition in the market makes companies turn to exceptional, unique options. The road to success is hard and full of pitfalls, and in order to avoid them, the entrepreneur must follow cutting-edge trends.

Let’s take a look at some real facts about the modern market.

How much do people spend on on-demand products?

Research shows that American consumers spent over $57 billion for on-demand products in 2017. Marketplaces, transportation and food delivery are the top channels consumers sent their money to.

Who uses the on-demand services?

Statistics show that almost half of the consumers are 18 to 34 years old. The generation of millennials contributes the most to the on-demand economy. These consumers are interested in getting the best on-demand products and services, thus they spend their money in this sphere and devote their skills and time to the development of the field.

What are the target locations?

At first sight, it seems like it’s mostly big city dwellers who turn to on-demand services. Some entrepreneurs avoid switching away from this market because they hold the opinion that their company would not succeed in a small town. But in fact, research conducted in the US proves that the target location can differ. Rural areas make up 39% of the on-demand economy income, and only 31% of the consumers live in big cities.

As you can see, the on-demand economy is a really profitable business niche. Young consumers are interested in products provided on demand, and no matter what your target location is, you have all the opportunities to succeed with on-demand app development.

Investments into the On-Demand Economy

An on-demand service app can attract the attention of both business owners and interested investors. In fact, this type of solution is a bridge between the service provider and the consumer. Every time the consumer goes over the bridge, the company gets its income and increases their popularity. The risk is minimized, and the potential is great.

With the popularity of these services, many investors devote their time to thorough research and forecasts to make sure it is worth spending their money on. Let’s look at the facts: the people who invested their money into Uber or Airbnb at the startup stage are definitely proud of their decision now. Each product that has similar functionality or solves a unique problem is able to bring real benefits to the entrepreneur unafraid of potential issues.

4 Steps Towards Creating an On-Demand Application

Now let’s discuss the precise steps of on-demand app design. We have compiled this step-by-step guide to help you start the process.

1. Define your goals

We’ve had the opportunity to cooperate with different entrepreneurs. Some of them had a clear vision of what they would like to get. But there was also the type of people who wanted to cash in on the overhyped tendency without a clear plan of what exactly on-demand app developers needed to do for them. The better you understand your own needs, the better the results will be. Learn more about the existing on-demand apps and solutions, decide what target audience you are creating your app for and what it needs to look like.

2. Decide on the type of service

There are 3 main types of on-demand services. The first one is responsible for helping shops and restaurants deliver orders to their customers. Here, we can mention Foodpanda app. The next type deals with logistics only like, for example, UberEats does. Finally, there is a type of full-service apps that deal with end-to-end services. McDelivery by McDonalds presents this sort of software functionality. It takes care of everything from the moment the order was placed till the second the customer receives it. The future application depends completely on the type of service.

3. Pick the needed features

Most software development companies are competent enough to expand your solution with different functionality. Your app can do pretty much anything to satisfy users. It can take care of ordering, booking, delivery services, accepting or rejecting orders, calculating the pricing, real-time delivery tracking, integration with third-party services like Google Maps, calendars, payment systems, etc. Think about what you need your app to do before contacting a development team. Of course, the technical guys can help you with this decision, but it would be nice to have a starting list of the needed features.

4. Find a team to work with

The process of designing and developing software requires time and effort. This means that even if you are a tech-savvy person you still need a development team to bring your on-demand solution idea to life. An on-demand app development company can assist you with this task. A team of skilled and experienced developers is able to:

  • provide you with a competent consultation on the specifics of on-demand development;
  • analyze your business and suggest the best solution for it;
  • develop the app from scratch;
  • provide support for as long as needed.

The Cost of Developing an On-Demand Mobile App

There is one more important question to discuss: how much does it cost to create an on-demand app? The price depends completely on the type of app, its functionality and complexity, the development team, and some other factors. Here are the things you pay for.

Any software app consists of a server side and a client side. Besides that, designers work on creating an impeccable interface, and QA engineers make sure that everything works well. The best option is to find a team that offers you full-stack services, where all the above-mentioned specialists work together. Their efforts should be well-paid, which makes up the largest part of your spending.

Besides that, if you would like your app to run on both Android and iOS platforms, you need to pick one of the two options:

  • cross-platform application,
  • separate Android and iOS development.

It is definitely easier to create one solution that works on all mobile platforms. But in some cases, there is a need to use functionality only available in native apps. Of course, in this case, you'll need to pay for both Android and iOS development services.

Read also: When to Choose Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Additionally, you and your development partner will need to discuss payment options. It is possible to sign a fixed price contract, which means you discuss the price beforehand, as well as the functionality you will get for the money. The alternative is the time & material option. In this case, the cost depends on how much time and effort the developers put into your app. Experience shows the latter option is more flexible and convenient for both parties in the cooperation.

Another factor that influences the cost is whether you work with an in-house team or outsource your solution. You can save time and money by opting for outsourcing the app development. The average prices are:

  • The USA - $150 per hour.
  • The UK - $80 per hour.
  • Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, etc.) - $40 per hour.
  • India - $20 per hour.

Comparing the development services provided by US companies and, for example, Ukrainian ones, the quality level is often the same. As you can see, it is much cheaper to pick the outsourcing option.


Cooperating with on-demand app developers is your chance to play an active role in the overall growth of the mobile industry. It is your chance to knock out the competitors and win customers’ attention. Take your very first step towards the top and contact us today! We know how to satisfy your customers' demands.

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