The Idea

Our client is a leading IT services agency based in the Netherlands that provides custom mobile apps to companies involved in event organizing to streamline, and optimize processes within their businesses.

The company is currently covering the market of mobile apps for event organizers across the Netherlands and is working towards expanding its presence in Belgium, Portugal, France, and Germany.

In order to expand their market share and attract new customers, willing to have own custom mobile apps for events management, our client was in search of a unique solution. They required a digital platform that would enable rapid development and deployment of mobile applications capable of supporting events of various complexity.

Applikey team came up with an idea to create a universal and user-friendly platform which would enable organizations to have own custom mobile apps for events management. The digital platform was expected to allow rapid development and deployment


Lack of
Lack of insights
into participants

Technologies & Tech Traits

Considering the challenges which needed to be addressed, the Applikey team developed an efficient solution for event organizers. Today the solution represents a cutting-edge digital platform for event organizers suitable for arranging symposiums, conferences, trade shows, fairs, festivals, corporate events, and trainings of different types and scopes. The solution helps companies quickly create an efficient iOS/Android mobile app that provides information about event schedule, speakers, exhibitors, indoor and outdoor maps, etc.

Applikey engineers faced a broad range of various technical issues including time zone management, internationalization, and localization problems. Besides, different policy requirements stipulated by organizations, as well as changing policy of Google and Apple became highly time-consuming roadblocks that required exceptional technology acumen in order to overcome them. But software development professionals from Applikey ultimately managed to cope with the issues and created native mobile iOS and Android apps. The solutions provided could be easily customized via back-end technologies according to specific needs of every event. Due to this approach it could take less than 1 business day to build and deploy a scalable mobile solution with a standard functionality but custom design.

Going Innovative

The Applikey team applied the range of innovative technologies such as iBeacons, interactive offline maps, and augmented reality modules that could bring the elements of the virtual world, into the real world, enabling customers to see, hear, and experience more.

Thanks to high professionalism of Applikey team and their deep understanding of the subject matter, the following metrics were achieved:

The app’s
time-to-market – 1 day

Yearly number of
events – 150+

The number of users
per event – 9000+

The number of platforms
supported – 4

The number of languages
supported – 10+

The number of functional
modules – 50+

Project Features

Interactive networking

Chat & messaging

Photo & video galleries

Polls & surveys

Personal schedule

Push messages

Events calendar

Interactive floor plans

Indoor navigation

Statistics & analytics tools